Kickboxing is the best way for women’s fitness

Dreams for all the feminine is to keep them fit and healthy diet maintenance. Currently, many of the women are lacking good fitness. But the time schedule never permits them to balance their fit aspects. Kickboxing is the best course of action for women’s fitness. It leads to general fitness that is an incredible way to maintain their physique. It optimizes the total body muscles and reduces the fat content especially the women from all the dangerous. Cardiovascular function is regularly while burns the calories and unnecessary fats.

Here some of the tips for beginners to penetrate into the boxing career and learn fitness aspects.


At each sport or other physique action, you should warm-up. Before doing the variety of exercises you should do while warm-up. There are 4 rounds that are presented each round you can take 60-90 seconds rest related to your body conditioning. Firstly the jabs are done by using sets 1 and 20 reps. usually, the sets are the account of the number of rounds. Alternatively, the reps are the time to complete for single exercise without taking any rest or break.

Jab-cross combo, cross hook combo, left leg and right leg roundhouse  These are similar to the jab exercise in steps and reps. On the other hand, skips are slightly different from another exercise that can take around 50 -100 times of reps. 

Usually, the warm-up segments give relaxation before trains your body by warmful exercises and makes you try something at pre-workouts.

Workouts and combo 

Workouts are the best way to train your body and keep its balance and fit.muscles all joined and worked together. While workouts trains your body shoulder muscle chest. On the first day of workout .at the second day. It trains your back and biceps exercises and the third day it trains your leg during exercise. These are three combinations of workouts  Here some of the combinations of exercise that boxer can do daily to build their  muscle 

Usually, the beginners or freshers in the boxing field can take 1-3 minutes break or rest .they have repetition for 3-4 times at each combo

Combo 1 

In the first mixture of workout contains jabs /cross/left leg roundhouse is the exercise to do with the proper takes the sets 1 and one minute to do after you can take a break.

Combo 2 

This is the second combination of workouts jabs/cross/left hook /right leg roundhouse.then you take a break for 1-3 minutes .you should repeat it 3-4 times 

Combo 3 

The third combination is similar to the first and second combo..but the mixture of workouts is varied .here left hook/left leg roundhouse is used to build the muscle.

Benefits of exercise 

Jabs is the best tool for boxers. It is different from the punch. It gives a punch in a straight way.or a particular way. It helps to defend your opponent jabs succor you to keep your opponent out of balance

Cross is the best defensive part for uppercuts and strengthens you if you do it correctly.

Roundhouse it is difficult to helps you while catch-throw and able to give injury to the ankle and knee if you utilize it improperly .but it is the keyway for kickboxing.

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